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The Place of Shooting in the Life of a Mom

The Place of Shooting in the Life of a Mom

Author: Sloan Tranum Sanders

"Bullets, ammunition, and firearms have been a part of my being since I was born."

Growing up in the ammunition industry, I spent weekends going to matches and traveling with my dad selling product and watching shooting. It was only natural that it would continue being an integral part of my life as I grew up. I began hunting and recreational shooting at a young age and progressed to competitive shooting at the age of 13. My first years were spent with a shotgun in my hand, shooting skeet with my local 4H club. It was there that I began to develop the discipline and love for shooting sports. At the age of 15, I transitioned to pistol and began shooting USPSA. 

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Being an athlete in swimming, track, and cheerleading; I immediately fell in love with the agility and athletic aspect of action pistol. I started in Production, refining my fundamentals and learning the sport. I looked up to the top shooters in the sport. I saw them competing in the World Shoot in Indonesia, Ecuador, Greece…. And dreamed of being there one day. After finishing my education as a Doctor of Physical Therapy, it was time to make that dream a reality. That is when I began shooting in Open division and chasing the dream. I was able to achieve that goal and compete in France on the 2017 World Shoot Women’s Open Team. We were blessed to bring home the gold, and I was 4th individually. It was one of the best weeks of my life. 

Achieving one goal does not diminish the fire in me to push for the next, it only adds more fuel. I love shooting down to my core. When my husband and I found out we were expecting a baby girl to arrive in September, many asked if I would keep shooting. The answer was, absolutely yes! Objectively, it wasn’t an issue.

My doctor’s and other consulted OBGYNs cleared me to continue. What I had to figure out was how to redirect my goals and dreams with a baby by my side. I continued competing for the first 6 months of my pregnancy carefully, trading out my Open gun for Single Stack along the way. However, living in the hot and humid Mississippi Delta eventually forced me stepped away from shooting and focus our baby girl’s arrival. So, the question is, how will I continue after her birth and what about my dreams and goals? That’s a great question. Of course, without a doubt, my baby and family will be my first priority, but I absolutely can’t wait to get back on the range. 

Over the past months being pregnant and having to reevaluate shooting and its place in my life, has made me realize more than ever how much it means to me. I’ve realized that it’s ok for moms to still have dreams while raising children. I am blessed to have a husband that not only supports my dreams but enjoys the same sport that I do, so I will keep on. I will keep on practicing. I will keep on pressing forward to be the best that I can be.

Last year before World Shoot, I adopted the motto “be the best you.” Everyone is different, their dreams, resources, abilities, and their current life situations make them who they are, and as a new mom, I can’t wait to embrace my new role and continue on being “the best me that I can be.” So, if you see me at Nationals with a 6-week-old baby, I might be a little tired, but I’m living my dream. The Lord has blessed me immensely with the ability to shoot, but above all else, my goal is for Him to receive Glory no matter the outcome or results.


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Sloan Tranum Sanders

Avid competitive shooter, wife, soon to be mom, lover of the outdoors, Follower of Christ, and physical therapist.

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