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United for the 2A

United for the 2A

Our second amendment right is constantly under attack, and today more than ever we must support multiple organizations who continually fight for the preservation of the second amendment. For that reason, I invite you to become a member of not only one pro 2A organization, but as many as you can afford.

As an example of it, I am listing all the organizations I am a member of:

 National Rifle Association. Join

I support the NRA because it is an organization that is focused not only on the protection of the second amendment but also promote responsible gun ownership and the shooting sports.

 Gun Owners of America. Join

 I support GOA for their relentless efforts to preserve and defend the second amendment.

Second Amendment Foundation. Join

The SAF effort to promote a better understanding of the constitution as well as the importance of the firearms ownership makes them one of my favorite organizations. They have won several Supreme Court and other court cases throughout the years in support of the individual right to gun ownership.

Texas State Rifle Association. Join

The TSRA is a fantastic organization that promotes the shooting sports as well as the preservation of the Second Amendment. I had the honor to speak at their Annual Awards banquet in Houston and saw first hand how great this organization is! 

  Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership. Join

A great organization which mission is to educate health professionals and the public in the best available science about gun ownership, including gun safety and preventing injury and death through wise use and lawful self-defense.

National Shooting Sports Foundation. Join

If you own a business in the firearms industry, then you SHOULD join the NSSF.

Supporting these organizations is just part of my efforts to protect and preserve the second amendment right. My efforts also include talking to legislators, educating more people about gun safety, and talking about the importance of the second amendment to many people in the US and around the world.

My question to you: How are you helping to protect and preserve the second amendment right?

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