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Mental Dynamics of Target Shooting

To improve your shooting you need to have a clear understanding of the fundamentals, and always question yourself if you are applying them correctly. Think about this: we make thousands of decisions every day and going to the range is no different. How many times have you found yourself thinking: Should I aim lower? Higher? To the right or left? Is my position correct? Let me readjust, etc. And for that reason, we must review the fundamentals of shooting and how the way we think affects the way we apply them.

The truth is that 90% of shooting is mental, you must have a clear understanding of the fundamentals to apply them correctly. During your training and competitions, your mind reacts to the negatives and positives results you get; generally speaking, if you shoot poorly you will feel frustrated and discouraged. Similarly, if you shoot well, you will feel happy and motivated. Sounds logic, right? However it is not as obvious as it seems, it is all about perspective, attitude, and mindset.

You will learn:

  • Mindset and fundamentals of shooting.
  • How to identify anticipation and fix it.
  • Visualization techniques to improve the execution of the fundamentals of shooting.
  • How changing your attitude will affect your shots.
  • How to get the best out of a bad day of practice.
  • How to make a training plan.
  • These techniques may be applied to aspect anything of life.
  • And much more.